Summer Intensive Course Year 5

Maths & English


Date: 2nd August to 6th August, 9th August to 11th August

Time: 10 am to 4 pm each day , Lunch break from 12 am to 2 pm each day

Online Maths Dates: 02/08, 03/08, 04/08
Online English Dates: 06/08, 09/08, 10/08

Face to Face Final day with Mrs Manju Pillai
on 11/08
at Harris Purley CR 26DT:
Maths & English 10 am to 1 pm,
Lunch Break 1 to 2 pm,
Time Management & Stress Management 2 to 4 pm

Cost for the entire course is £600
Cost for each subject is £300
Hourly rate = £18.18


An 8 days’ course with 4 hours on each day and 5 hours on the final day, thus totalling 33 hours and taught by:-

  1. Mr Moodley (Head of Department, Outstanding Secondary School)
  2. Mrs Manju Pillai (final day)


  1. Mrs Leila Boumazouna (Former Grammar School Teacher)
  2. Mrs Aimee Brady (Year 6 Outstanding Primary School Literacy Teacher)
  3. Ms TK Crammer (Former Head of Year 11 Literacy at an Outstanding Secondary School, current Lead Practitioner and on Stepping Stone Programme to next Assistant Head at a top independent school)
  4. Mrs Manju Pillai (final day)

This course will cover the entire new KS2 syllabus and the 11 plus syllabus. Suitable for those currently in Year 5 and sitting the Grammar School exams in September. These will also benefit students who started slightly late with their preparation or simply require a better understanding of the subjects. Unlike other providers, with our course, your child will not be doing test papers. We will be teaching them topic by topic, ensuring they have understood before moving on. The final day will include exam techniques, time management, managing expectations, dealing with stress and the opportunity to re-learn weak topics each in Maths or English.

All pre-printed materials will be provided in person or by post.

For the course to be effective, you will need to attend on all days. Individual bookings may be made based on availability.
Please see the attached Terms & Conditions and a copy of the syllabus. I cannot disclose what topics will be covered on which day of the course.

VR/NVR Intensive Course


Time: 10 am to 4 pm each day , Lunch break from 12 am to 2 pm each day

  1. 12th August, Thursday (1 of 2)
  2. 13th August, Friday (2 of 2)

Total Time – 8 hours

Cost £160


A two-day course, 4 hours on each day taught by Ms Janavi Patel, the most experienced VR & NVR teacher at Pillai Tutors. Techniques and question types will be thoroughly taught before practising in class. This course will cover VR & NVR; suitable for those doing Newstead Wood, St Olave’s, Kent grammar schools, Harris and 10+ independent schools’ exams. All pre-printed materials will be provided in person or by post.

Please see the attached Terms & Conditions