Year 5 Additional classes during May half-term 2022

1. Tuesday 31st May 10 am to 1 pm: 

Year 5 Creative Writing Workshop, teacher Mrs Manju Pillai, face to face at Harris Academy Purley, CR2 6DT

Cost is £70

Descriptive Writing: description of a picture, how to plan with focus on how to use figurative and sensory language effectively. We will look at setting, mood, tone, atmosphere and imagery. Oxymorons, pathetic fallacy and juxta positioning will be taught. This will help with any sub-genrès of descriptive writing.

2. Wednesday, 1st June 10 am to 1 pm:

Year 5 11 Plus Maths, teacher is Mrs Leila Boumazouna, online

Cost is £70

Multi-Step word problems from KS3 Level 6 to 7 Maths covering:

Distance, speed, time


Negative numbers 

Algebra – Expressions, Equations, word problems 

Sequences, nth term 


Pie Charts & Venn Diagrams

Pythagoras’ Theorem

3. Thursday, 2nd June 10 am to 1 pm:  

Year 5 VR/NVR, teachers are Mrs Manju Pillai and Mrs Leila Boumazouna online

Cost is £70

Number and letter codes, Spatial Reasoning, 3D Nets of Cubes & Cuboids 

You can book one or more. Total cost of all 3 sessions is £210.

Please book using this link: